Help me

Like any collection, it can only exist buy having the good will and help from other people who share an interest, or just like to help.  With this in mind, I would be extremely grateful to anybody who can help in any way.  This includes:

  •  Pointing me in the direction of some shirts, especially if they are good value!
  •  Pointing me in the direction of information on how to get some rare shirts or contacts that might help supply .
  •  Supplying me with some lovely gifts of shirts ( well, no harm in asking, is there?)
  •  Feedback on how I am doing, or what I am doing.  Mistakes made, tips etc are a;ll welcome
  •  Anything else you can think of that you think might be a help to me

 Thanks for reading this far!


  1. I too collect football shirts, the more random, the better really, but I am also a student so have the same problems as you. - is a good website for very cheap shirts. I've bought a few from there and they have some national teams too.

  2. Hi, my name is Jose, I'm from Costa Rica and I can help you with all central american t-shirts. Send me to