Useful links

This will be where I share some of the websites I like.  This includes shops, shirt news sites and other collectors' sites.

Other Collections - Nick's blog.  It was stumbling across this blog that changed the direction of my collecting. - Joe's blog.  Another site that I am constatly checking. - Ant's photostream of shirts, mainly club.  - Nistisimos' collection of club and national shirts. - Guillermo's collection featuring club and national sides. - Sascha's collection of national shirts.  A great shirt-hunter.

There are more collectors that I follow, but the above are people I have personally dealt with.

Shops - Nick set up this shop during his hunt for rare shirts.  A great resource. - The big UK seller of all things football. Can be expensive.

Other - A good site for documenting shirts that national teams have worn through pictures form games. In Japanese, but easy enough to follow. Link is to an English index. - A huge database of shirts with dates and type.  These are fan-submitted, so is open to non-official and fakes being listed so be careful and cross reference with other sites if in doubt.

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