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Away, 2004-06; Puma.

Switzerland football shirt
Neutrality, chocolate and questionable banking arrangements.  That's what I think of Switzerland as a nation.  As a football team, I think of them as the thorn in Ireland's side in the mid 00s, when it seemed like we were playing them every second game.  A 2-1 reversal by them in Dublin, in EURO 04 qualifying, was the final straw that broke the back of Mick McCarthy as Ireland manager.  Two years later, at home again, a 0-0 draw between the same teams meant the Swiss and not Ireland went to the WC 06 play-offs and this also saw Brian Kerr out of a job. 

Apart form getting Irish managers the sack, Switzerland have punched above there weigh and reached nine World Cups and three European Championships. In 2009, their u-17 were crowned world champions, a marvellous success for a country with a population of just 8 million.

Some of their best known players of the last few years include all-time top-scorer Alex Frei (also remembered for his tears after an early injury at EURO 2008, which the Swiss were co-hosting with Austria) and Hakin Yakin

The shirt itself is a very standard version of the Puma template of the time.  I like it, but it won't win any awards.  The addition of the flag on the sleeve is a nice touch.  What is a real winner though, is how the flag is worked into the crest.  I am more a fan of traditional looking crests, but I really like how this one looks.
ASF-SFV is the abbreviation of the associations name in three of the national languages of Switzerland. ASF stands for both French (Association Suisse de Football) and Itlaian (Associazione Svizzera di Football), while SFV is the German (Schweizerischer Fussballverband)."

Fun fact 1) The Swiaa FA was the first to be set up outside of the UK.

Fun fact 2) For the flag-enthusiasts amongst us, the Swiss flag is notable for being one of only two countries with a square flag.  The other is the Vatican City State for those still reading.

Switzerland football shirt

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