Friday, 9 November 2012


Home 2000-02; Adidas.

The Shirt:  A nice clean design by Adidas, with this template been used across a few teams around this time. I have a particular fondness for nations who use their flag or coat of arms rather than their FA badge on shirts, so I'm pleased to see the Turkish flag on this rather than their quite boring FA badge (above)
Personally, I will always think of Ireland's loss (and subsequent dust-up) to Turkey in the EURO 2000 Play-offs.  Funnily enough, this shirt was what was worn at that tournament.  The nation played its first game in 1923 and their finest moment must surely be their 3rd place finish at the 2002 World Cup.

Geographically, Turkey is notable for spanning two continent.  97% of the country is in Asia, with the remaining 3% over a narrow bit of water in Europe.  Turkey has possibly one of the richest histories of any nation in the world, so forgive me for being lazy and not getting into it here!

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