Saturday, 10 November 2012


Home 06-09; Hummel.

Well, what can you say, it is just magnificent.  Who wouldn't want a shirt that featured leopard print.  And as if the point wasn't clear enough, Hummel even watermarked it with a mug-shot of a leopard doing its thing.  Certainly one of the most unique shirts I've come across, and in ways a rival for the famous Hull shirt from the early 90s.  In other ways though, this is an actual beut and the Hull number falls in the so-good-it's-bad category.

Zanzibar is not a member of FIFA, it is represented in FIFA tournaments by Tanzania.  The status of the team is contentious,  They have applied for FIFA membership on the same basis as semi-autonomous nations like Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and numerous dependent islands world-wide, but have been turned down for no real valid reason given the precedents set.  This has led to Zanzibar participating in Non-FIFA tournaments over the last few years.  They also are associate members of CAF and play in the CECAFA Cup, winning it in 1995. 

In terms of the nation itself, well, it isn't really a nation.  Zanzibar is an island off Tanzania, of which it is a semi-autonomous region.  It had brief independence upon leaving British rule in the 60s, before a merger with Tanganyika (the mainland) to become 'Tanzania'. Zanzibar's main industries are spices, raffia, and tourism.

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