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Gabon football shirt

This is a lovely colour-way, spoiled a little by the zombie parrot on the front.  Well, when I say zombie parrot, I of course mean panther.  This is one of the  2012 African Cup of Nations (which was co-hosted by Gabon) shirts from Puma that used local artists to design thier respective nation's shirt.  This one features a panther, that being the team's nickname (also found on the country's coat of arms, see below).  I might be a bit harsh saying it spoils the shirt but it just isn't as nice as some of the others from that collection

Anyway, the team is reletivly successful given that the country has a population of just under 1.5 million people.  They didn't qualify for this year's ACN though after reaching the quarter-finals on home soil last time around.

Possibly the most recognisable name in the squad is Daniel Cousins, who has played for a number of clubs around Europe, including Hull and Rangers.  The current squad also has Henry Antchouet  in it, who plays for the impressively named Churchill Brothers in India, which has actually no connection to the geezer with the cigar and black dog. 

Gabon football shirtGabon football shirtGabon football crestGabon football shirtGabon football shirt

The coat of arms of Gabon


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